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Providing care, education,
and protection to orphaned, vulnerable, and disadvantaged children

Basing on our theme scripture;

Mathew 6:26,  "Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? ”

Priceless Moments' main objective is to provide care, education and protection to orphaned, vulnerable disadvantaged children with disabilities, elderly and their families based on the philosophy that God our father cares. We are a Community Based Organization (CBO), seeking to secure a good future and uphold the sanctity of human life by meeting the physiological emotional, educational and spiritual needs of disadvantaged and orphaned children of Uganda through community support from within Uganda and  international partnership.


Who We Are

Priceless Moments cares for the most needy and helpless of society around the Republic of Uganda.

Priceless Moments is a non-profit charity organization taking its major activities in the field of caring for orphans, vulnerable children with disabilities and street children. The organisation started its operation in Mukono District and has now extended its services to Kayunga, Kalagi, Naggalama, Lugazi and Nasuuti with its Head Office located in Mukono. At the beginning of 1997, the organisation was set up to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children who have lost one or both parents to this pandemic disease HIV/AIDS.

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We are so much concerned about the safety and wellbeing of the children. Because of the pandemic COVID-19, children remain stranded, cut off from basic supplies, out of school, facing the threat of violence, and early marriages among girls.

 They will need humanitarian aid in order to survive.

Become part of Priceless Moments, together we can change the lives of orphans, vulnerable children and women. Join us. There are many ways through which you can get involved in any of our ;projects when you join us. You can either do so through our education sponsorship program or , donate in kind from our Need’s List, make a one-off Donation, or fund raise towards event.


All have a right to a healthy life no matter where they come from, their religions and age. It is our mission to see that the people in our communities have access to quality healthy care. This can be achieved through healthy sensitization, communal health screening and setting up of free or affordable health facuilities as well as training more medical personels that can help in setting and teaching healthy lifestyles, preventive measures and modern and efficeint healtcare for everyone.


Your donation will support projects Priceless Moments carries out within Uganda. You can choose how and where you make a difference. You can make a general donation to the foundation and support a future project, or you can nominate to direct your contribution to an individual project that’s close to your heart.

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Our Campaigns

Priceless Moments aims to make the world a better place for all through its campaigns. We welcome good samaritans to join us on this cause and supportt our brother and sisters who are suffering within our communities.

Zero Hunger 

Hunger is mostly known as the leading cause of death in the world yet we have a planet that can provide for us all. But unequal access and poor handling has left millions of people in our communities to suffer. Priceless Moments through its Agriculture ministry and other support from international freinds looks at fighting hunger in our communities.

Say No Poverty

Poverty has always been recognized as the major cause of death and disability. Poverty brings on lack of safe drinking water, inadequate food, poor health care and poor education. All these will have effect on health. A large population of people in our communities live in poverty and its our mission to eradicate poverty as an act of justice through our ministries.

Quality Education

The education system in Uganda does not favour the poor in our communities yet it is a major key to prosperity. Only the rich have access to quality education and the unprivileged, orphans and other vulnerable groups of people are locked away from the opportunities qaulity education brings and hence strugle with poverty and zero contribution to their communities. Its aslo our mission to fight POVERTY

Clean Water For All

Our aim is to ensure that everyone living in our communities gets clean water and live in good sanitation to prevent unnecessary diseases and death. A number of rural communities do not have access to clean water and although some strides have been made, poor sanitation is till there. Priceless Moments through its ministries works hand in hand with the local authorities to see that people in our communities are taught proper hygien practices and as well provide afordable equiments for clean water.

Gender Equality

In our communities, women are denied equal rights meaning they are denied chance to live life at its fullest. Priceless moments' mission is to eradicate prejudice and work towrds equal rights and respect for all. When women are given chance to work the same way men do, it means that without a man, a woman can still take care of herself and her children therfore, political, economic and social equality for women will benefit the world. 

Quality Healthcare 

Everyone has a right to a healthy life. The poor that live in rural (villages) areas and slums in Uganda have no access to quality healthy care and this is due to poverty as they are unable to pay health bills and also they lack transportation to take them to urban healthy centres in town to receive quality healthcare. It is therefore our mission to ensure that all ages of people in our communities receive quality healthcare regardless of who they are or where they live through our ministries like HIV/AIDS sensitization, setting up of quality, free and affordable health care services in rural areas and slums as well as training more medical personels to serve in the remote areas. 

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