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What We Do

Priceless Moments supports the Human Rights, Social Welfare, Education, Agriculture, Girls project, Drug Abuse sensitization among the youths, Women's project, Development for the needy children and the elderly, Talent development, Poverty alleviation and Social economic activities as well as environmental protection.

Over the past years our country has lost lives and property due to the wide spread of HIV/AIDS pandemic this has caused more loss of lives and the rampart civil wars and other disasters enormous and well known worldwide. These have created big number of orphans, disabled and destitute children living under extreme difficult situations, as a result many families have been disrupted and societies have disintegrated.

The government as well as Non- Government efforts, and churches, inspire of their intensity are facing an over whelming tasks in dealing with the problems caused by wars, AIDS and other disaster. This is most especially in developing countries such as Uganda where poverty, Illiteracy, ignorance, and culturally large and extended families are rampant. It has been noted that, after the death of parents and relatives, children suffer most and even end up falling out of schools. As a result, they remain isolated without their next of kin and thus turn to idlers and thugs. It is the wish of this organization to take of such children and cater for their social welfare, healthcare, education and development. It is therefore necessary to set up activities which are designed to fully equip these children.


Education is the backbone for every civil economy and as a community organization we focus our attention on empowering communities in Uganda through sending the kids to school.

We are currently responsible for sending 50 children to school where we fully cater for their tuition fees and scholastic materials. We would love to appreciate friends from ALL OVER the world that have partnered with us to provide termly scholastic materials to the kids. Our focus is currently in orphan’s Education.


We believe that all children have the right to receive suitable health services at the appropriate time. In order for children to play, study and grow, they need to be treated when they are sick or injured. Without receiving appropriate healthcare services, children cannot reach even half of their potential. Find it in your heart to donate to this worthy cause of raising healthy children.


We believe that children need to live in a loving family set-up and environment in order to have a positive emotional and psychological development. With our children being abandoned and abused, we strive to create a conducive family environment where they are not only loved but also respected as human beings. Apart from that, we develop and play appropriate fun and games with the children so as to make them feel loved and appreciated.


The youth are a special category of young adults who are very explorative and curious about the transition form childhood to adulthood. This is the perfect target group for an imputation of valuable information so we take advantage of that to positively influence their lives.

We run sensitisation on life issue, counselling programs, career guidance, skills education and bible education.

These youth programs have all been designed to yield a better youth generation that will uphold the next generation in life. "Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it."


This pandemic has been on the rise in villages due to ignorance and illiteracy.

We therefore. We embark on fighting stigma, and promoting positive living in the infected. We also help the women understand their rights and to practice family planning. This helps them produce children that they can be able to look after hence reduce poverty levels in the communities.


Our attention has been drawn to a vulnerable group that for long has not been noticed.

The elderly are a very special category in every community because they are the pillars on which our current population is built on. At this latter stage of life, they are very vulnerable and require help to enable them cope up with the remaining part of their life. Priceless Moments ensures that elderly groups in the community receive the desired attention for the glory of God.


Today women face a multitude of challenges, from violence and sexual abuse to gender pay gaps and restrictive reproductive rights in the communities in Uganda.

They are denied equal rights meaning they are denied chance to live life at its fullest. Priceless moments' mission is to eradicate prejudice and work towards equal rights, respect for all and empower women and girls through our women ministry and when women are given chance to work the same way men do, it means that without a man, a woman can still take care of herself and her children.

The women ministry targets girls, mothers and widows in order to empower them with practical skills for example TAILORING, that will make them self sustainable. Widows are taught to raise animals e.g. poultry, turkeys and pigs for profit, and volunteers are expected to have knowledge of farming for better yield so they can sell the produce in exchange for household income. We also provide seeds to grow their own crops with the best farming practices. Women are also sensitized about how to prevent the spread the spread of HIV/AIDS and other killer diseases like Malaria. Through this the women have also been taught to promote community sanitation, and hygiene in the communities.

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