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There are many ways to get involved with Priceless Moments. If you’ve browsed through the site, you will have noticed the many initiatives we have. They each require people just like you to get involved. You can either do so through our education sponsorship program or , donate in kind from our Need’s List, make a one-off Donation, or fund raise towards event. 

If you’d like to get involved in a more personal way, you are welcome to  visit or volunteer with us as an individual or team.

But if you can’t get to Uganda, there are opportunities to raise awareness or funds in support of Priceless Moments right where you are. We believe that networking is key to fast tracking the replication of the Priceless Moments team efforts. Development of strong relationships and long term commitment will lead to partnerships that will continue to rescue orphaned children and vulnerable women across Africa.


You can find a child or children to sponsor in the organisation which will later bring about a positive in their life or lives as well as community transformation.


Priceless Moments has designed projects to help us attain our mission and we are constantly developing projects to respond to specific areas of need, designed in a way that you have the option to support one or more of our charity projects, or make a general donation to support the work of the organization, giving you choice over how and where you make a difference.


You can make a general donation to the organization to support our projects or you can nominate to direct your contribution to any of the individual projects being undertaken by PRICELESS MOMENTS. Your donations, no matter how big or small, are greatly appreciated and not only provide practical support but also contribute to restoring hope, which has the power to transform lives.



We are grateful for the local and international volunteers who have visited us and spent time with the children. We are even ready to welcome more volunteers to come play with children, teach them skills, cook for them and help with general cleaning. Send us an email if you would like to volunteer.


Join us together with our local Leaders, Educators, Families and Government to bring change in the lives of Orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda.


A charity partnership with Priceless Moments will help your company make a lasting difference to the lives of the most vulnerable and neglected children and young people in Africa especially in Uganda. Working with us will build your reputation as a company that is passionate about helping children achieve their full potential, whatever their circumstances. We can tailor the ideal partnership to suit your company at local or national level. 

Make a difference

With your expertise and influence and our experience and vision, we can make a real difference. Together, we can create local or international strategic campaigns or practical community-based programs that demonstrate your business’s commitment to build a better future for children, widows and families.

Partners for change

Action for Children develops long-term programs with businesses to tackle the issues facing the Africa’s most vulnerable and neglected children. Our partnerships are based on a joint commitment to achieving social change.

We strongly believe that for one to have an immense experience and touch of transformation being taken places by the organization, he or she ought to take a step in coming physically with the life changing activities being carried out on ground.


As well as being a really valuable way to support some of the Africa’s most vulnerable children, widows, and families, volunteering is a great way to get involved in your local community. Volunteering with us can also bring some great benefits for you. You could learn new skills, improve your CV, build your confidence and meet new people. It’s also great fun too!. 

“Feel valued and part of a team as you help the unfortunate and those without a voice”

We have lots of different opportunities for you to get involved with. You could help little ones learn about the world through play activities. You can help mentor a young person who has little contact with their family or support parents and carers who are struggling to cope. We also welcome volunteers for valuable support roles, such as driving disabled young people to activities, or assisting with administration. You may also like to get involved in events, and help us to raise the funds that make the work we do possible.

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