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Welcome To Priceless Moments

Priceless Moments is a community- based initiative of Nasuuti Ntaawo - Zone, Mukono  with Reg No. MIA/NB/2010/06/3160.

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Priceless Moments is  a Ugandan Charitable registered Non-Profit making organization formerly St. Stephens Child Care Organisation (SSCCO), taking its major activities in the field of caring for orphans and vulnerable children (OVS), children with disabilities, the elderly, the youth and the children in the streets.

The Organisation was initiated in 1997 but officially registered on 15th January 2009 after a long analysis of our country's ever increasing number of HIV/AIDS orphans and street children.

Based on the situational analysis, 50% of the children in Mukono district are orphaned, 20% are double orphans and 22% are vulnerable, all this caused by HIV/AIDS and other factors. Since 1980, HIV/AIDS has been deadly epidemic in Africa and Uganda in particular.

Our mission is to "Uplift the most disadvantaged group of people in the Republic Of Uganda particularly the orphaned and vulnerable children, women and the elderly  by meeting the most obvious needs of the destitute such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical assistance, as well as meeting the less visible needs of care and comfort. We rescue, restore, empower, love, and bring hope to the hopeless.

Many people have lost their lives leaving very many infected with the virus and the rate of the infection has become increasingly high after the 1980s. By then new means had been derived to control the transmission of the virus. This phenomenon caused many innocent children to loose their beloved parents and also get infected through mother to child transmission.

The organisation started its operation in Mukono District and has now extended its services to Kayunga, Kalagi, Naggalama, Lugazi and Nasuuti with its Head Office located in Mukono. At the beginning of 1997, the organisation was set up to meet the needs of orphans and vulnerable children who have lost one or both parents to this pandemic disease HIV/AIDS.


Uplift the most disadvantaged group of people in the Republic Of Uganda particularly the orphaned and vulnerable children, women and the elderly


Orphaned, vulnerable children and those affected with HIV scourge empowered with skills for self-reliance and becoming good leaders.


An improved education status, increased income, good health and hygiene and nutrition especially for HIV victims between 1 to 22 years.

Our Team.

Our team is of Community development and Social Justice practioners who pursued this field with love and desire to help their communities. Adding to their passion and humanitarian heart, they acquired knowledge on how to handle and associate with the community dealing with people in need, and children with disabilities.

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